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OMG Congratulations! What a very neat experience to go from 2 adults to a family of 3, lots of kisses to baby and you. Cannot wait to see pictures of her.
OX, Diane


Congrats on the birth of you little girl.



Tami B.

True happiness! Congratulations on your bundle of baby-joy!


Welcome to a wonderful new chapter of your life. Much love to you and your family.

lisa h.

Aw, congratulations! Can't wait to see photos :)

Best wishes to you and your little family.


Congratulatons! Enjoy the time with your sweet baby! I can't wait to see pictures of her.


Congratulations Holly. There are times when you will be tired and worn out and you will think that you will never feel like yourself again but that wee sweet baby will only be that wee baby for about a year and then she will be off and running.... I hope you will enjoy every moment. All the best!


HUGE CONGRATS on your sweet little bundle! So glad to hear all is well.
Big hugs!!!


Congratulations Holly! That is such exciting news! Welcome to the world Jolee! Take good care of yourself.


Many congratulations!

Jodee Leader

Congrats on your new bundle of joy!


Congratulations! And I have to say, your nursery is GORGEOUS :)


Congratulations! wishing you bundles of happiness & love with the new little one! I just love her name...have a honey of a day - may sweet things come your way! Marlene

sandy McClay

Oh boy....a new path in your life....enjoy her while she is tiny, don't miss a moment, they get big so fast!!!!!


Congratulations...ya she'll keep you busy..in busy in a whole different way! :) Enjoy. Look forward to hearing more about her.

The Pink Door


Hi Holly!

How are you!? We miss you in blogging world! Are you busy planning a one-year birthday party for your beautiful baby girl!?

Leslie in AZ

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