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Absolutely adorable. I could sure use an Aunt Jo... I just painted my 5 year olds room pink and I need to make a valance for her window. I'm so tired from the painting I don't have the energy to sew. Congrats on the upcoming new baby. So exciting...


Very cute, as always. What a lukcy baby to have such a bright, cheerful room!


Hey there missy! How are you feeling? Your house has become so bright and cheerful with all you have done! It looks great. The baby's room is going to be just perfect. Those curtains are darling! How far along are you? Are you gonna post any preggars pictures!? I keep meaning to let you know I have a blog, I have had it for quite a while, but it is a family blog for family and friends and it is by invite only, it would probably bore you to tears, but I thought I would mention it in case you are interested in seeing it since I am often popping over to look at yours and you are such a sweetheart. If interested let me know and I will send you an invite from blogger. Take care.



Here is my email: saguarochick@yahoo.com


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