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Yes, you are almost there. Lookin' good!!! It is one snazzy cupcake room. MJ


absolutely adorable!!


oh my. It's fabulous, Holly. I am so happy for you. It's a wonderful room that will be filled with lovely times.


Wow! It's such a great nursery! Your baby girl is so lucky to have a room like that!


Yep, your babycakes will certainly be very happy in there indeed! I would love to live in that room! I adore the rocking chair and cushion. And that shelf with the scalloped edges is so unique, I have never seen a sweeter little shelf You did such a great job mommy! One lucky little girl!



Laura Williams

Wow, Holly! The room looks great, I love the colors. Congrats to you. I still remember when we finished my daughter's room. It felt so good bringing her home and rocking her in the beautiful little nest that I created. I'm sure that you will have many fond memories, as well. Enjoy!!

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Your nursery is adorable. Cannot wait to hear your happy news!

jenny holiday

Sweet, Sunny, and Magical!!!! Perfect!!!

Sending you lots of love and BEST BEST Wishes!!!!!

Can't wait to hear the Good News!!!

XOXO Jenny...and Aaron

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