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One tip I was given when I was pregnant with our first was to get the diaper champ instead of the diaper genie. Excellent advice! With the diaper champ you can use any brand of tall kitchen bags inside of it, whereas the diaper genie only works with their brand refills making it more expensive. Thats my one tip- good luck!


Holly, how exciting. I used my baby monitor monitor far into the toddler years. The other thing I consider a great necessity are board books...start with the black and white ones. My girls both loved those from birth.

Tami B.

I'm with your brother & sister-in-law on the Diaper Genie...couldn't have done it without it.

Another one--practice (a few times) opening and collapsing the stroller in the store. Make sure you can lift it back into the car easily while having the baby "bucket" on the other arm if you're out shopping by yourself with baby.

Lastly, car seats with the removable "bucket" as mentioned above. Those suckers can be heavy! So, if you notice any difference, pick the lightest "bucket." :)


I love my Bumbo. Could not live without it! I also loved our Johny Jump up. I used a diaper genie with my first baby 8yrs ago and thought it was a waste of money. Maybe they have changed since, I don't know. With our 18month old- we just use extra grocery sacks for the stinkies and run them outside to the trashcan, the wets we just put in a regular trash that gets emptied daily or every other day. I also didn't use a changing table or a wipe warmer. You'll try some stuff and love it and be able to live with out others. It's so much fun to figure all that stuff out! Good luck!!


Well I'm a new mommy..well she's 9months old now...and I also use to work at Babies R Us..soooo...for a diaper pail I love the "Diaper Champ" too, it's bigger and takes regular kitchen bags, so you don't have to spend tons of money on those Genie refills, and it comes in a blue or pink ;)
I also like the swaddler blankets they sell at the stores, because they have velcro so it doesn't come undone. We could never get the blanket tight and swaddled like the nurses at the hospital..and if we did somewhat she would squirm out and then cry.
Our baby girl liked a white noise machine, that played the sound of rain or the beach... this is kinda funny but if they're crying and you turn the vacuum or a hairdryer on they usually calm down..or shushhhhing in their ear..you can find video clips of this on you tube it's funny. The fact is when they are in the womb it's actually louder than a vacuum!
Hope those things help..come by and visit my blogs! ;)

Joanna Peck (Jodi)

Holly, Okay, I had a diaper genie with either 1 or 2 can't remember! (I had 4 kids in 8 years time) Anyways with the last couple kids, I took all diapers out as soon as they were changed. My garbage is right by our attached garage and it was better- trust me!Just think about a kitchen sized garbage bag full of diapers....seriously you can still smell them! And think about our lovely high humidity, hot summers here in Indiana--those diapers reaked! Changing the bag will make you gag! That is my advice for diapers, and I have changed PLENTY! You are going to have so much fun! ;0) Jodi (cherishedroses)

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