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Hi, Holly -

I also loved her first book, Under a Tuscan Sun -- if you rent the movie, you will be absolutely blown away by the scenery and the old house that she buys.

My faves are The 100 Secret Senses (Amy Tan), Like Water for Chocolate (Laura Esquivel), and Practical Magic (Alice Hoffman). Hope this helps get your mind off that unfinished bathroom and all the rest. You just made me remember: I couldn't even concentrate on books when I was pregnant; I could barely get through a magazine! You're lucky!
Take care,


Hi Holly! I haven't read this book from Frances Mayes, so I appreciate the heads up! It sounds wonderful. I am ashamed to say I haven't read a good book this year...I've been catching up on decorating and cooking magazines...and blogging! Time just gets away sometimes, doesn't it, in spite of ambitious to do (and to read!) lists. :-)


Hey Holly. THANK YOU for the book rec, I adored Under the Tuscan Sun, so I've got to get this one! I'm having a book giveaway right now if you're interested.

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