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Melanie Purkey

Congratulations Holly!!!!!! :) That is such wonderful news!!!!! :)

Janae Cairns

Does this mean what I think it means?!?! Congrats Holly!!

kim b.

Oh I am soooooooooo very happy for you and your hubby... Congrats you will make a wonderful mother yea!!!!!!!!!!


How exciting!!!! Congratulations!


Congratulations!! How exciting!!!!!!!

Tami B.

So tickled for you...congratulations! July babies are the sweetest (my birthday is then :)


Congratulations! That is so cool...happy news for the new year. :)


That is quite an announcement! A sugary fun bowl of cereal is much more exciting then pickle cravings! I had a thing for mashed potatoes....especially from KFC! Congratulations, very excited for you!


oh congrats!!! :)

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